My Ongoing Hepatitis C Journey

I had an interesting week.  I’ll explain my medical situation in greater detail another time.  I am using marijuana medically, (and illegally).  But it’s the only thing that allows me to eat, sleep,deal with the pain and to get up every morning.  I’ve been through two rounds of “chemotherapy” for Hepatitis C which were not effective in putting the virus in remission.  I am totally convinced that the two medications I was injecting and digesting are what have put me where I am today.  This is my Hepatitis C Journal.  I have a few minutes to kill before Real Time with Bill Maher comes on so I can share this quickly.  (This will all make more sense once I’ve explained my situation in full).  Anyway, I had a brainstorm a few days ago.  I had seen something on TV about Mercury Poisoning.  Poisoning from the mercury in my dental fillings……Mercury is a very dangerous and heavy metal.  After I had seen the video, I Googled symptoms of Mercury Poisoning.  INCREDIBLE!!!!  It explains everything that my body, brain and soul have been going through for the past 5 years.  My Doctor appeared to be skeptical about my premise.  And Lord knows, I am trying not to be an internet physician.  But Mercury poisoning explains it all.  He had some blood drawn this morning and will be testing for heavy metals in my blood.  I know it’s probably not the answer.  But…..maybe…….in a sick way, I hope that they find Mercury in me.  (I hear that Neptune and Pluto are even worse….lol).  More coming later.

Peace & Pot,


April 15, 2009

Well, I got the results back from the blood work.  I tested negative for heavy metal poisoning  😦

So, I am not sure what else to do.  Social Security is sending me for additional blood work, x-rays, and a physical examination.  Social Security needs to have me see a number of Specialists in order to verify my disabilities.  I’m bummed out, but I must keep pushing.  I will be “Telling All” in another post.  It’s the story of what the treatment for Hep C has done to my body and mind.  Be well!

Peace & Pot!


~ by spontcumb on April 3, 2009.

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